Maciej Braun CR


Baptism and fashion in a kindergarten

Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Baptism of Christ is a special day. Today, everyone should be reminded about their own baptism, which makes us children of our God. That’s a wonderful privilege, but also a big responsibility. I wish that your christening candle will always glow brightly in your good and beautiful life. 
And this day we had in our parish a fashion show in a kindergarten. Older children have tried on their clothes. I have to admit that they look nice. Moreover, our building of kindergarten is getting nicer and nicer. The area in front of it was cleaned up and some educational materials like letters or alphabet were painted in the classrooms. We ask for your prayer and support in order to finish this work.

The last day of the year

Saturday, 31 December 2016

The last day of the year is the day of the summation. We had done a lot thanks to your help, so today I thanked God for everyone of you during the Mass. For each gift from your heart, either small or huge. I’m so happy when I look at beautiful and colorful kindergarten, which will be full of shouting and joyful faces soon. Today, some characters from cartoons appeared on the walls. May good God reward and bless you in new year 2017.

Children’s joy in an old heart

Thursday, 29 December 2016

And this way “The Word  became Flesh and dwelt among us”. Jesus Christ was born for everybody and now He is living in our hearts. We have found a children’s joy in our old hearts again. The Birth of our God had two dimensions in our parish. The kindergarten, which had been announced for a long time, looks as a school now. So in this case the word became flesh too. The enrollment to the kindergarten finished yesterday. We have no place to accept more children into our facility. Teachers are ready to start their job, fabric for school uniform has been already bought and some jumpers for cold times have been ordered too. Today, painting of kindergarten has finished. Wooden items like benches, chairs and desks will be delivered next week. We must only provide necessary educational items. I dream about interactive kindergarten so that children can learn using films and pictures. So I am asking you for help with that. A work of spiritual adoption will start in January. So I welcome everybody, who would like to adopt a child and offer to pay a tuition for their three years learning. People are already talking about necessity of building a primary school. These God surprises…

The end of the retreat

Sunday, 4 December 2016

The retreat has already ended. We have the second Sunday of Advent. Aftera huge storm yesterday night, I thought there will be not many people in the church because of the condition of the road and because of mud. But I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the church filled. We ended retreat with celebration and kiss to the relics of Saint John Paul II. And now we’re beginning new week with hope and resolves in our heart.

Work in the Groups

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Work in the groups has started. Each of these group should give an answer for four questions. The presentation will start in a moment. The whole day will be summed up with a Holy Mass. But we will finish our weekly spiritual struggles with tomorrow’s Mass.

Maciej Braun CR